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Implementation and Utilization of an Online Dashboard to Track Student Competency-Based Performance

W44 - Longitudinal Development in OME
Assessment of Individuals or Programs
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Current/Best Practices Abstract
Pam M Basehore, EdD, RowanSOM
Ferin Ford, MA, RowanSOM
Christopher J Hamer, BS, RowanSOM

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Lisa M Cardello, Not Listed, RowanSOM

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The longitudinal assessment of student performance linked to competency milestones is a significant challenge at the UME level given the volume of learners. This session will demonstrate specific strategies used to measure, track and report individual student performance across all competency milestones and EPAs through the use of an online dashboard. We will share some of the key decisions that were made and the resources involved to accomplish our goals, and the lessons we learned along the way. We will also discuss how the data are used to support academic counseling, committee decisions on student academic progress, and student's overall professional development. We will show how this data is used in identifying areas in need of improvement for all RowanSOM students to develop into well-rounded future physicians.