Student, Resident, or Faculty Wellness Current/Best Practices Abstract UME - Clinical

The Role of the Medical Educator in Fostering Well-being in the Learning Environment

W11 - Learner Wellbeing: The Role of Educators
Student, Resident, or Faculty Wellness
Intended Audience Track
Undergraduate Medical Education - Clinical Education Faculty
Presentation Type
Current/Best Practices Abstract
Tania Arana, PhD, BCOM
Peter GM de Jong, PhD, Leiden University Medical Center
Aviad Haramati, PhD, Georgetown University School of Medicine
Amber Heck, PhD, TCU Medical School
Elizabeth K McClain, PhD, Arkansas Colleges of Health Education

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The rates of burnout in medical and other students in the health professions is reaching alarming levels. This trend seems to be connected with an observed decline in empathy during medical student training. Research findings suggest that there is an important link between the culture and state of the learning environment and the health of learners and teachers. Medical science educators play a critical role to help learners manage stress, foster empathy and build resilience. In this symposium speakers will share perspectives on the challenges they faced, the strategies they used, the outcomes they obtained, and the lessons learned.