Student, Resident, or Faculty Wellness Current/Best Practices Abstract UME - Preclinical

It Takes a Village: Empowering Family and Friends to Prevent Medical Student Burnout

W14 - Learner Wellness: Communities of Wellness
Student, Resident, or Faculty Wellness
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Undergraduate Medical Education - Pre-clinical Education Faculty
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Current/Best Practices Abstract
Tazheh A Kavoosi, BS, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Eran Magen, PhD, Center for Supportive Relationships
Sharon E Sholiton, MD, NSU MD
Suzanne J Templer, DO, NSU MD
Anne Weisman, PhD, UNLV School of Medicine

Not presenting
Jeffrey Cannon, MD, Case Western Reserve University / University Hospitals
Emily Derecktor, BA, Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University
Amelia Phillips, MPH, USF Health Morsani College of Medicine
Vijaykumar Rajput, MD, NSU MD
Violet Siwik, MD, University of Nevada – Tucson College of Medicine
Kira Zwygart, MD, USF Health Morsani College of Medicine

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Medical students are at high risk for burnout. Although support from family and partners is a powerful protective factor, medical schools rarely help these support givers stay connected to students. We report results from 9 medical schools implementing an innovative program, called \"Circles of Support\", which educates support givers about common experiences and challenges in the lives of medical students and suggests ways for support givers to offer effective support, thereby strengthening connections and reducing student burnout. In this interactive session, participants will discuss how their institutions harness the powerful protective power of support from family and loved ones and barriers to implementing such approaches, and methods for surmounting these barriers. This session is geared toward medical educators who seek to learn about and share their own approaches to preventing medical student burnout, with a special emphasis on intentionally empowering family and friends of medical students to offer strong support throughout the medical education process.