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Importance of Extracurricular Activities on Medical School Admissions and Clinical Performance

W24 - The Applicant Pipeline
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Suporn Sukpraprut-Braaten, PhD, ARCOM
Alexander Vaynman, DO, Unity Health

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Pre-medical students devoted to extracurricular activities, it is worth examining the importance of the extracurricular activities on medical school admission and clinical performance. This session focuses on examining the importance of extracurricular activities from the perspectives of medical school admission committees, residency program directors, attending physicians, medical students, residents, and the general public. A prospective cohort study was conducted via an online survey. Total of 68 admission committee members, 231 program directors, 38 attending physicians, 345 pre-medical students, 46 medical students, 250 residents, and 153 people from the general public completed the surveys. The response is in the Likert Scale of 1-10 ranging from the least to the most important. The admission committee members responded that the clinical volunteer work among the applicants is the most important extracurricular activity (median=8.47). The program directors responded that it is important for the applicants to have volunteer work (median=6.08). The general public responded that it is important for their doctors to perform consistent volunteer work (median=5.16) and take part in research (median=8.42). There is a negative association between the admission committee’s perspectives on importance is that applicants have research experience and the public’s perspective on the importance for their doctors’ participation research (r=-0.225;p=0.0654).