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Pediatric Dental and Primary Care Integration: A Novel Clinical and Learning Experience

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Anne VanGarsse, MD, CHSU-COM

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Amalia Almeida, Not Listed, DB Mobile Dental
Dayna M Brinckman, Not Listed, Kansas Department of Health and Environment

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In this session, we will discuss our integrated pediatric oral health program. Pediatric oral and physical health are intimately connected. Poor oral health leads to challenges with school attendance and learning. In our community health center, approximately 50% of our pediatric primary care patients receive dental care at the center, and 50% of our pediatric dental patients receive pediatric primary care at the center. By combining pediatric and dental providers into one care team we were able to provide both aspects of care at the same visit, removing barriers to receiving care and helping to achieve whole person care. Just as the providers worked as one team, their learners did as well. Medical and dental students worked together in the integrated pediatric/dental team, collaborating on patient care, learning from each other and from all of the members of the integrated care team.