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Generating Long-Term Resiliency Via Cultural Organization Affiliation in Medical School

W54 - Learner Wellness: Mentoring and Affiliation
Student, Resident, or Faculty Wellness
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Current/Best Practices Abstract
Justin Chin, OMS-IV, TouroCOM-NY
Christine M Lomiguen, MD, LECOM
Mark A. Terrell, EdD, LECOM
Michael Yep, OMS-I, LECOM

Not presenting
Jun H. Lin, OMS-IV, TouroCOM-NY
Patrick O'Toole, OMS-IV, TouroCOM-NY

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Resiliency comes from the Latin term resiliens, which describes the ability to spring back from difficulties and setbacks. In the past decade, numerous studies have identified resiliency as a key characteristic required to prevent physician burnout and promote healthy stress management skills. Variations in medical student backgrounds and experiences contribute to varying levels of resiliency when faced with the daunting challenges of medical school and their subsequent field of practice. This session highlights how culturally-affiliated organizations can help build resiliency among medical students.