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An Assessment of Osteopathic Medical Students’ Views on Social Media and Professionalism

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Anna M. Kerr, PhD, OU-HCOM

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Lisa J Forster, MS, OU-HCOM
August Runyon, OMS-III, OU-HCOM
Tracy Shaub, DO, OU-HCOM
Janet E. Simon, PhD, Ohio University College of Health Sciences and Professions

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Incoming medical students are considered digital natives having grown up with social media. However, improper usage of social media can have dire consequences that include compromising patient privacy, lawsuits, the loss of a medical license, and erosion of trust between providers and patients. While some medical institutions and schools have taken steps to respond to challenges created by the prolific use of social media, such as creating social media policies, much remains to be done. An online survey of osteopathic medical students’ reveals their attitudes toward social media and professionalism, identifying educational gaps.