Accreditation of UME and GME Programs, and Osteopathic Recognition Research Abstracts GME

OMT: "Early Adopter" Allopathic Resident Physicians

T26 - International Certifications and OMT Early Adopters
Accreditation of UME and GME Programs, and Osteopathic Recognition
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Graduate Medical Education Faculty
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DeAundre Alfonzo Dyer, DO, Cleveland Clinic Foundation

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Kelly Raj, DO, Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Sandra Snyder, DO, Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Justin Stumph, DO, Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Carl Tyler, MD, Cleveland Clinic Foundation

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Residency programs are seeking to create and refine curricula to achieve the objectives and competencies linked to osteopathic recognition. One of the inherent complexities in achieving these objectives is how best to train allopathic resident physicians unfamiliar with osteopathic principles and practice. This study seeks insights from allopathic resident physicians who self-identify as “early adopters” of osteopathic medicine. Through in-depth interviews, utilizing a semi-structured format, we plan to investigate the motivations, facilitators, barriers, and other individual, organizational and systemic factors that promote allopathic resident physician engagement in learning and implementing osteopathic manipulative therapy in their clinical practices. From their experiences and reflections, we will generate recommendations for curriculum development related to osteopathic recognition.