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Patients, Providers, and Students—Training to Prevent Emotional Collapse and Addiction

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F13 - Learner Wellness: Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse
Contributing to Healthy Communities
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Undergraduate Medical Education - Clinical Education Faculty
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Current/Best Practices Abstract

Frederic Schwartz, DO, ATSU-SOMA
Ann E Spolarich, PhD, ATSU-ASDOH
Rupal Vora, MD, ATSU-SOMA

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In this session, SOMA and ASDOH faculty will analyze, evaluate and describe outcomes of an innovative approach to behavioral health at Community Health Centers that are continuity training sites for ATSU medical and dental undergraduates and medical residents. The unique quality of this Federally supported innovation is that student, faculty, resident, and patient well-being and safety are addressed simultaneously and with a definition of success that includes safety and happiness for all four groups. While ATSU SOMA developed the program, it was enthusiastically joined and endorsed by ASDOH, the dental school that shares the Mesa AZ campus and the National Network of Community Health Center training sites. Outcome evidence will be presented. Specific, effective strategies that support behavioral health and well-being in high stress environments will be addressed, with emphasis about how to adapt these strategies to the attendees\" clinicaL education environment.