Contributing to Healthy Communities Current/Best Practices Abstract UME - Preclinical

A Pilot Training of Minority Health Students of Rural and Underserved Areas in Southern New Jersey

W43 - Providing Osteopathic Medical Care in Rural Areas
Contributing to Healthy Communities
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Undergraduate Medical Education - Pre-clinical Education Faculty
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Current/Best Practices Abstract

Kristin Bertsch, PhD, RowanSOM
Jennifer M Ehala, MBS, MPH, RowanSOM

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The AHEC Scholars Program is designed to improve the capacity and effectiveness of Interprofessional Education to increase the number of students in the health professions who will pursue careers in primary care and are prepared to practice in rural and underserved areas and populations. The main goal of the program is to develop a group of health care professionals dedicated to caring for New Jersey’s underserved populations in HRSA-funded AHEC areas and who are knowledgeable about the value of interprofessional teamwork. Unique collaboration with New Jersey Area Health Education Centers (AHEC), and faculty members from medicine, nursing, psychology, and other disciplines, created the NJ AHEC Scholars Service Curriculum. The curriculum includes 80 hours of didactic training and 80 hours of community-based field activities delivered over two years in underserved areas. The curriculum core competencies include: Interprofessional Education including values and ethics, roles and responsibilities, interprofessional communication, and teams and teamwork; Primary Care/Behavioral Health Integration, Social Determinants of Health, Cultural Competency, Practice Transformation, Population Health, Emerging Health Issues, Community Resources, Healthcare Financing and other topics.