Accreditation of UME and GME Programs, and Osteopathic Recognition Current/Best Practices Abstract GME

Advancing Osteopathic Training Through the UME-GME Digital Resource Library

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T23 - Scholarly Activity in OGME
Accreditation of UME and GME Programs, and Osteopathic Recognition
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Graduate Medical Education Faculty
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Current/Best Practices Abstract

Natasha N Bray, DO, NYITCOM A-State
Lise McCoy, EdD, NYITCOM
Michael Rowane, DO, LECOM
Karen T Snider, DO, ATSU-KCOM

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In this session, presenters will demonstrate the AACOM’s new UME-GME Digital Resource Library, and help participants learn to search for specific materials such as OMM resources, assessment instruments, research training kits, and specific resources for Osteopathic Recognition programs. Presenters will highlight some of most popular training resources, and teach participants how to contribute to the UME-GME Digital Resource Library. Presenters will also share key findings from the AACOM’s UME-GME Faculty Development Task Force’s 2018 report, “Needs Assessment of Early Adopters of Osteopathic Recognition within the Single Accreditation System”, and invite a discussion.