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Medical Student Perceptions Of Clinically-based Ultrasound Workshops In Their Anatomy Course

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Course Development and Curricular Design
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Undergraduate Medical Education - Pre-clinical Education Faculty
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Randall L. Nydam, PhD, AZCOM/MWU

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Charles Finch, DO, AZCOM/MWU

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Clinically-based ultrasound workshops are included in each exam unit in the anatomy course. The workshops utilize real (not simulated) ultrasound machines and students scan each other in a small group setting. Clinical scenarios include both diagnostic and procedural uses of ultrasound. Survey responses show students highly value ultrasound training, feel it improves their anatomy skills, and that the workshops provide valuable clinical examples early in their curriculum. Importantly, many students report that the ultrasound experience stimulated independent investigations of clinical concerns. These workshops are part of a broader vertical and horizontal integration of ultrasound across the AZCOM curriculum.