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D-PO01-NC-13 - Utilization Of Automatic Magnetic Field Detection In MR Conditional Systems With MRI AutoDetect (ID 833)

  S. Mullane: Salary from Employment (Commercial Interest) - Biotronik.


Background: MR conditional CIEDs programmed into an MRI safe mode allow for MR imaging with reduced risk of device complications. Traditionally, same-day interrogations pre- and post-MRI are required for MRI safe mode programming. In BIOTRONIK devices with MRI AutoDetect enabled, a sensor automatically detects MR fields over 10 mT and switches the device into a preprogrammed MRI safe mode. Upon exiting the MR field, the device automatically reverts to pre-scan settings within one minute. Once activated, AutoDetect allows for multiple MR scans before automatically expiring at end of programmed duration (up to 14 days).
Objective: To characterize MRI AutoDetect utilization and potential impact on clinical workflow.
Methods: BIOTRONIK MR conditional systems with the AutoDetect feature registered with Home Monitoring were retrospectively analyzed through a de-identified database that provided transmitted data including dates of AutoDetect activation and MR field detection.
Results: From 48756 capable systems, AutoDetect was activated in 2821 instances of 2291 systems with 95.9% detecting at least one MR exposure. AutoDetect was programmed at least one day prior to the MR exposure in 12.2% of activations. Same-day post-MR exposure interrogations were not performed in 91.8% of MR exposures using AutoDetect. Details provided in table.
Conclusion: AutoDetect eliminated post-MRI device re-programming in 9 of 10 MR exposures, and while less frequent, allowed for pre-MRI interrogations to occur prior to the day of the MR exposure. These results demonstrate a more flexible MRI workflow compared to same-day pre- and post-MRI interrogations required for traditional MRI safe mode programming.
MRI AutoDetect Utilization
MRI AutoDetect Capable ProMRI SystemMRI AutoDetect ActivationsMean Programmed Duration of MRI AutoDetectMRI AutoDetect Deactivated AutomaticallyMR Exposures with MRI AutoDetectMean MR Exposure Time with MRI AutoDetectSame Day Follow-up Interrogation Post-MR Exposure
Total ICD Systems38413 days372 (96.9%)36737 minutes41 (11.1%)
Total CRT-D Systems17712 days168 (94.9%)17237 minutes30 (17.4%)
Total Pacemaker Systems216113 days2076 (96.1%)216742 minutes153 (7.1%)
Total CRT-P Systems9912 days94 (95.0%)10045 minutes6 (6.0%)
Total282113 days2720 (96.4%)280641 minutes230 (8.2%)