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D-PO05-171 - The Relation Between The Variation Of Cycle Length And The Mechanism Of Atrial Tachycardia (ID 578)


Background: Development of resolution in the EAM allows us to reach the correct diagnosis.
Objective: The purpose of this study was to reassess the relationship between characteristics of ATs and cycle length based on the correct diagnosis with high-resolution mapping system.
Methods: 90 ATs in 65 patients (mean 59+/-13yrs, 16 females) including 4 focal-ATs, 23 localized-AT, and 63 macroreentrant-ATs were analyzed. AT-CL and the relation between the CL and respiration was assessed and compared between these 3 groups.
Results: Although CL was similar between three groups, the CL-variation was significantly smaller in macroreentrant-ATs (Table 1). (Absolute CL-variation: 25ms in focal ATs, 10ms in localized ATs, and 6ms in macroreentrant ATs, P=0.009; and CL-variation ratio: 5% in focal ATs, 3.6% in localized ATs, and 2% in macroreentrant ATs, P=0.0012).Although the CL was generally similar between right- and left-ATs, CL-variation was significantly larger in right-ATs (Table 2). (Absolute CL-variation: 6ms in left-ATs vs 12ms in right-ATs, P=0.001; and CL-variation ratio: 2% in left-ATs, 3.1% in right-ATs, P=0.0007). Additionally, right-ATs more frequently demonstrated CL/respiration correlation. (3.0% in left-ATs and 62.5% in right-ATs, P<0.0001).
Conclusion: CL-variation of ATs may be significantly smaller in macroreentrant ATs and left ATs. CL-variation correlated to the respiration may suggest right-ATs. These information may be helpful to diagnose ATs before mapping.<!--EndFragment-->