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D-PO05-104 - Clinical Value Of MRI In Patients With PPM And ICD (ID 552)

 M. Bruebaker: Nothing relevant to disclose.


Background: While MRI in patients with PPMs and ICDs is safe, the resources required for these studies are considerable. We investigated the clinical value of these MRI scans.
Objective: To assess impact of MRI use in patients with ICDs and PPMs in correct diagnosis and treatment plan development as it relates to patient outcomes.
Methods: We retrospectively reviewed medical records from a prospective study of 1074 patients with ICDs and PPMs receiving MRI at a single center. Data were obtained from inpatient and outpatient electronic medical records including leading diagnosis before MRI, MRI result, and treatment plan following MRI. Patients with complete records were included with a study total of 500 patients. The scan types of patients included in the study versus excluded were similar. The following categories were used to classify the scans: MRI confirmed diagnosis, MRI changed diagnosis, and MRI was protocol for disease surveillance or perioperative management.
Results: Of the 500 patients who received MRI between September 2012 to December 2017, 82 patients (16%) had a change in diagnosis following MRI, 238 (48%) had diagnoses confirmed, and 180 (36%) required MRI for disease surveillance or for perioperative management. The 500 scans were in the following distribution: 171 brain, 169 spinal, 71 cardiac, 44 upper/lower extremity, 20 abdominal, and 25 other. MRI changed diagnosis and therefore treatment plans in 16.4% of patients.
Conclusion: MRI results changed management in over 16% of PPM/ICD patients. Efforts to make these scans easily available to this population should continue.