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D-PO03-177 - Machine Learning Algorithm For One Shot Ablation Pulmonary Vain Isolation With Heliostar™ Balloon Catheter (ID 353)

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Background: Radiofrequency (RF) ablation for pulmonary vein isolation (PVI) has become a wide spread solution for Atrial fibrillation (AF) as second or first line treatment. A durable PVI suffices in about 80-90% of the cases as a standalone treatment. The HelioStar multi-electrodes RF balloon catheter can create a continuous circumferential ablation line in a single ablation shot. This catheter incorporates ten electrodes stretching between its poles.
Objective: In order to establish reliable circular ablation isolation it is desired to identify and correlate a set of ablation characteristics (“features”) to predict success vs. failure prior to ablation and after. That will enable to improve clinical success, reduce procedure & fluoroscopy time and might improve acute and long-term success. This work summarizes the development of a clinical both pre-ablation and post ablation success predictors.
Methods: In a clinical study of a new designed multi-electrode balloon catheter, the HelioStar™ balloon, a total of 207 cases with 155 successful one-shot isolation (OSI) and 52 one-shot non-isolation, have been analyzed to evaluate the parameters to predict OSI. As most of the parameters (temperature, impedance, power etc.) are dynamically changing over the ablation time, together with their initial state, they create an engineering challenge, of deducing features out of the long time various signals.
Results: For pre-ablations, the predictor accuracy was 79%, sensitivity 87% and specificity 56%. For post-ablations, the predictor accuracy was 83%, sensitivity 90% and 63% specificity. A good correlation has been found between OSI prediction and long-term success.
Conclusion: harnessing ML algorithm for the prediction of successful OSI with the HelioStar™ balloon catheter proved to have high accuracy for both pre and post ablation over current methods for predicting a successful OSI and long term success.