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D-PO03-041 - Cardiac Implanted Electronic Device Follow-up Clinic Staffing: The Results Of An HRS Member Survey (ID 287)

 A.M. Ferrick: Nothing relevant to disclose.


Background: Cardiac implantable electronic devices (CIEDs) are being implanted in increased numbers. Patients with CIEDs need regular, specialized follow-up (FU) to assure device function & manage their related needs. Guidelines exist for appropriate FU of CIEDs, but not for the staffing of clinics.
Objective: The purpose of this study is to determine the characteristics of device clinics & the staffing who perform both remote & in-office FUs to help develop a standard of care for appropriate clinic staffing.
Methods: We conducted a survey of the HRS members’ forums. Including questions regarding the implanting centers size, frequency & timing of FU visits for in-office & remote FUs, type of staff performing FUs & staff satisfaction. Categorical variables are presented as frequencies & percentages. Paired Student T-test was used to compare time scheduled vs actual time required to complete a FU.
Results: A total of 95 surveys were completed; 32% by physicians and 60% by Allied Health Professionals (AHP). Average number of implanting physicians was 5 (0-60), and FU sites were 4 (1-20) per center with most being academic, either office (32.8%) or hospital based (37.9%). The majority of centers perform >2000 CIED FU visits annually. 43.8% of respondents described themselves as less than satisfied with their clinic practice. Table 1 shows timing & staffing of FU visits
Conclusion: (1) Most centers follow recommended frequency of CIED FUs, except with ILRs (2) More centers use RNs than AHPs for device FU. (3) There is a significant difference between scheduled & actual time needed for remote FUs. (4) Further clarification of staff ratio for CIED FUs, specifically with remote FUs, is needed.