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D-MP03-03 - Interaction of Wireless Headphones, Smartwatches, and Wifi Routers with Icds (ID 1519)

  S. Chen: Stock or Stock Options - Public - Medtronic.


Background: ICD manuals advise patients to use caution when using wireless headphones, smartwatches, and WiFi routers because of the potential for electromagnetic interference (EMI) which may trigger an inappropriate shock.
Objective: We sought to determine if wireless headphones, smartwatches, and WiFi routers produce clinically relevant EMI.
Methods: Three ICDs (Boston Scientific Inogen, Medtronic Evera, and St. Jude Fortify) with standard leads were sequentially placed in a human model and tested for interaction with a Bose wireless headphone, an Apple smartwatch, and a Linksys WiFi router. The ICDs were programmed to highest sensitivity for testing. EMI from each consumer product was assessed in real time via the ICD manufacturer’s interrogator. The consumer products were placed at distances consistent with regular human usage.
Results: The wireless headphones were tested in three positions relative to the ICDs: placed on ears, around the neck, and over the ICDs. No EMI was sensed. The smartwatch was tested when pairing to a cell phone and when making/receiving a call in two positions: on the wrist and over the ICDs. No EMI was sensed. The WiFi router was tested in two positions: 6 inches away and over the ICDs. There was frequent EMI sensed by each ICD which would have triggered an inappropriate shock (Image).
Conclusion: ICD patients can likely use wireless headphones and smartwatches without concern for EMI. However, ICD patients should be cautious around WiFi routers which cause frequent EMI that can lead to an inappropriate shock.