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D-PO05-169 - In Vivo Accuracy And Efficiency Of A Novel Non-contact Method (supermap) For Full-chamber, Ultra-high-density Maps Of Stable Arrhythmias (ID 1290)


Background: Contact maps measure local activation times (LATs) across multiple cycles of stable arrhythmias relative to fiducial points. Higher resolution maps generated from higher density point collection require extended procedure time.
Objective: To demonstrate the accuracy and efficiency of a novel mapping method (SuperMap, Acutus Medical, Carlsbad, CA USA) that aligns multiple non-contact (NC) catheter positions (CPs) to a stable timing reference in repetitive rhythms.
Methods: NC and contact (C) recordings were collected at multiple CPs in 10 patients who terminated via ablation of persistent AF to atrial tachycardia or flutter. All cycles were time aligned. A charge density inverse solution used accumulated NC CPs to create a series of multi-position NC (SuperMap) LAT maps - each map used a larger number of CPs. Complementary sets of Contact LAT maps were also created (figure B, C). SuperMap LAT (SM-LAT) and contact LAT (C-LAT) maps were compared using accuracy index, shown in figure A. LAT error was calculated as mean absolute error against the final C-LAT map.
Results: SM-LAT maps required 53% less time than C-LAT to achieve AI of 0.9. SM-LAT maps have 7.4x greater density of points as compared to C-LAT in the same acquisition time (mean 125.9 ± 24.2s). (Figure D,E)
Conclusion: In clinical use, the SuperMap multi-position non-contact mapping method quickly produces ultra-high-density maps of repetitive rhythms with high accuracy.