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D-PO04-045 - A Novel Unshielded Magnetocardiography System: The 1St Performance Test In 30 Healthy Volunteers And 5 Patients With Intraventricular Conduction Delay (ID 1172)

  K. Fukuzawa: Donated Fund Laboratory - Medtronic Japan. Donated Found Labortory - Abbott. Co-member of Joint Resarch - Biotronik. Co-member of Joint Research - ADVANTEST Inc Limited.


Background: A novel magnetocardiography (MCG) system consists of 8×8 sensing unit in a lattice on a plane covering square area of 28×28cm. Inner 6×6 channels are used for analysis. It has the magneto-impedance sensor array which can be operated at room temperature, so it does not require shielded room. It has an original noise reduction system and cardiac magnetic signals are detected by signal averaged technique.
Objective: We aimed to assess visual recognition of P, QRS and T wave detected by this MCG system. The correlation between MCG and 12-lead ECG wave, and the reproducibility of MCG were also evaluated.
Methods: The study consisted of 30 healthy volunteers and 5 patients with intraventricular conduction delay (IVCD; 2 CRBBB, 2 CLBBB and 1 WPW syndrome). Subject underwent MCG in a standing position so that his heart was located at the center of sensor field. MCG was recorded for 5 minutes triggering with QRS of Lead-1 obtained from both hands. MCG was recorded twice and 12-lead ECG was done between two inspections.
Results: P, QRS and T waves were clearly visible by MCG in 13.9±8.9, 32.9±2.9 and 18.3±7.6 of 36 channels in each subject. The spatial distribution of QRS and T waves could be evaluated in 90% and 60%. Each MCG wave was well correlated with that of 12-lead ECG. The ECG characteristic of each IVCD could be expressed by MCG (Figure). The reproducibility of MCG was confirmed in each subject.
Conclusion: A novel MCG system could depict P, QRS and T wave in high reproducibility. It could express the characteristic ECG pattern of each IVCD. Its multi-channel system could detect of cardiac magnetic signals widely and it enables us to analyze the spatial dispersion of ventricular depo- and repolarization.