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D-PO03-037 - New Service Improves Remote Monitoring Activation At Cardiac Device Clinics (ID 1082)


Background: Current guidelines for cardiac implantable electronic device (CIED) patients (pts) recommend initiation of remote monitoring (RM) within 2 weeks of implant, but this often is not achieved. The Medtronic Get Connected (GC) Service was created to guide CIED pts through RM setup. The impact of this service on RM activation is unknown.
Objective: To evaluate the impact of the GC service on early activation in RM.
Methods: The GC Service launched at 1113 US clinics between Oct 30, 2017-Oct 01, 2018. RM activation was assessed for all pts at these clinics who received a CIED 365-730 days pre-GC launch (control group) and 0-365 days post-GC launch (GC group; an implant cutoff date of Oct 11, 2018 was used to allow 1 year of follow-up). RM activation was defined as the first transmission within 1 year of implant. Data were analyzed by device type (high vs. low power) and age group (18-59, 60-69, 70-77, ≥78).
Results: A higher rate of activation was observed in the GC (n= 28977) vs. control group (n= 51999) at 14 (39.7 vs. 28.7%), 30 (66.5 vs. 40.5%), 90 (80.8 vs. 54.2%) and 365 days post-implant (91.8 vs. 82.9%, all p<0.0001). These results were consistent across all device types and age groups. Of pts enrolled in RM, the median time from implant to activation was lower in the GC vs. control group (17 vs. 32 days, p<0.0001) as was the 75th percentile for time to activation (34 vs. 122 days; figure).
Conclusion: The GC service increases the rate and decreases variability of early RM activation. This could improve clinic efficiency and pt outcomes as early RM activation has been associated with lower mortality.