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Student, Resident, or Faculty Wellness Research Abstracts GME

Student Doctor, Heal Thyself: Optimization of an MHApp (TapCloud) for Medical Students

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Student, Resident, or Faculty Wellness
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Graduate Medical Education Faculty
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Research Abstracts
Alexandra Dianna Ruuska, OMS-II, AZCOM/MWU
Victoria Wadman, OMS-III, AZCOM/MWU

Not presenting
Shannon Achille, BA, AZCOM/MWU
Shirley Chang, BA, AZCOM/MWU
Ishani Joshi, BA, AZCOM/MWU
Lori A Kemper, DO, AZCOM/MWU
Shannon Scott, DO, AZCOM/MWU
Trenton Welsh, BA, AZCOM/MWU
Penny Zaddack, PhD, AZCOM/MWU

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