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Student Doctor, Heal Thyself: Optimization of an MHApp (TapCloud) for Medical Students

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Alexandra Dianna Ruuska, OMS-II, AZCOM/MWU
Victoria Wadman, OMS-III, AZCOM/MWU

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Shannon Achille, BA, AZCOM/MWU
Shirley Chang, BA, AZCOM/MWU
Ishani Joshi, BA, AZCOM/MWU
Lori A Kemper, DO, AZCOM/MWU
Shannon Scott, DO, AZCOM/MWU
Trenton Welsh, BA, AZCOM/MWU
Penny Zaddack, PhD, AZCOM/MWU

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Medical students commonly experience stress, anxiety, and depression, and they are at higher risk of burnout than the general population. In this poster, two student doctors at the Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine (AZCOM) will describe their research on TapCloud: a smartphone application intended to facilitate self-awareness and access to resources for medical students navigating their own mental health. TapCloud originated as a tool for patients to communicate important health information such as daily symptoms to their physicians. Expanding upon its original purpose, TapCloud's utility as a mental health tool is currently being explored. Preliminary data have affirmed high levels of stress and overwhelm among medical students but have indicated diminishing application engagement over time, with significant drop-off in engagement after first use. Thus, TapCloud has been further adapted to the medical student demographic in efforts to stimulate user engagement and increase application efficacy. This poster will present qualitative reports of medical students' subjective states and will explore the possible effects of tailoring surveys, tools, resources, and notifications to the medical student population, discussing features that may influence student engagement or correlate with self-reported mental health outcomes.