Student, Resident, or Faculty Wellness Research Abstracts UME - Preclinical

Prevalence of Substance Abuse and its Effect on Academic Performance in Osteopathic Medical Education

F13 - Learner Wellness: Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse
Student, Resident, or Faculty Wellness
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Undergraduate Medical Education - Pre-clinical Education Faculty
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Research Abstracts
Abigail Bailey, OMS-III, TouroCOM-NY
Christine M. Lomiguen, MD, LECOM
Ryan Margolin, OMS-III, TouroCOM-NY

Not presenting
Kathleen Daddario-DiCaprio, PhD, TouroCOM-NY

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This ongoing study assesses the prevalence of substance use by osteopathic medical students and the motivating factors behind use. Relevant studies are limited, and current research focuses on substance use as an effect of burnout. The investigators hypothesize that while medical students may use substances with the intent of enhanced academic success, substance use may have a negative effect. This survey-based study correlates substance use with student performance on board exams (COMLEX-USA Level 1 and USMLE Step 1), as well as their GPA.