Student, Resident, or Faculty Wellness Research Abstracts GME

Improving Resident Wellness Through Nontraditional Teaching Methods, Settings, and Activities

W53 - Learner Wellness: New Activities
Student, Resident, or Faculty Wellness
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Graduate Medical Education Faculty
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Research Abstracts
Philip Collins, DO, RowanSOM
Jennifer C. Sepede, DO, RowanSOM

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Alexander Kowalski, DO, RowanSOM

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In this session, we will demonstrate a novel method to improve resident wellness while simultaneously educating the residents. We utilized a learning environment outside of resident didactics to review landmark trials and incorporated various social activities into these sessions. These sessions were lead by faculty who were not core faculty to increase resident exposure to all faculty and emphasize the voluntary aspect of the activity. These sessions were well received by the residents and we believe they can play a role in resident burnout prevention and resident education.