Health Policy and Advocacy Current/Best Practices Abstract UME - Preclinical

COVID-19: Best Practices in Primary and Secondary Prevention

Virtual Presentation
PC5 - COVID-19
Health Policy and Advocacy
Intended Audience Track
Undergraduate Medical Education - Clinical Education Faculty
Presentation Type
Current/Best Practices Abstract
Valeri Cadet, PhD, GA-PCOM
Tyler Cymet, DO, AACOM
Paige Gutheil, DO, OU-HCOM
Daniel Hurst, PhD, RowanSOM
Bindu Mayi, PhD, MSc, NSU-KPCOM

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In this session on the developing COVID-19 pandemic attendees will learn the basic science of Coronaviruses with Dr. Valerie Cadet a PhD in Infectious Diseases and a member of the teaching faculty at PCOM-Georgia, gain provider thoughts on Coronaviruses with Dr. Paige Gutheil, a member of the clinical faculty at OUHCOM, understand testing for COVID-19 with Dr. Bindu Mayi from NSU-KPCOM and review the ethical issues in a pandemic with Dr. Daniel Hurst from RowanSOM.