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Benefits and Barriers of Peer Tutoring for First-Year Osteopathic Medical Students

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Melissa Efurd, EdD, ARCOM
Ashley Gerhardson, PhD, ARCOM

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Transition into medical school rigor can be difficult, even for students who enter with adequate study skills and self-discipline. Yet, high performing students are reluctant to seek peer tutoring assistance for a variety of reasons and are not typically required to do so until their academic status is considered high risk. The research involves first year osteopathic medical students and includes second year osteopathic medical student peer tutors. This study aims to identify existing barriers in seeking peer tutoring services, explores the benefits of early intervention tutoring and examines attitudes toward the tutoring experience from both tutor and tutee perspectives. The following will be reported: student attitudes and behaviors regarding peer tutoring from both tutor and tutee perspective; barriers to early tutoring intervention; specific steps initiated to promote the tutoring program.