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Under-Represented Minority High School Students and Future Opportunities in Health Professions

W24 - The Applicant Pipeline
Contributing to Healthy Communities
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Current/Best Practices Abstract
Samantha Baker, MEd, OU-HCOM Cleveland
Joel Manzi, BS, OU-HCOM Cleveland
Rosellen Roche, MD, PhD, OU-HCOM Cleveland

Not presenting
Terra Ndubuizu, MBA, OU-HCOM Cleveland

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The Aspiring DOctors PreCollege Program is an innovative pipeline program created by the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine - Cleveland designed to foster an interest in medical/health professions in under-represented minority high school students. This year-long program is a comprehensive STEM, college readiness, and mentoring curriculum that immerses students from urban, under-resourced, communities in programing that promotes osteopathic medicine, critical thinking skills, clinical activities, college readiness and workforce entry. In this presentation, the educators will demonstrate the value of creating strong community-based programming for underserved communities as well as the impact on local high school students, osteopathic medical students, and the COM itself. Presenters also will explore the difficulties of establishing this kind of pipeline program and how interested COMs can implement similar high quality programming.