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NBOME Assessment of Foundational Biomedical Sciences in UME: Impacts on Wellness and Resilience

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PC4 - NBOME Workshop
Course Development and Curricular Design
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Undergraduate Medical Education - Clinical Education Faculty
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Current/Best Practices Abstract
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Mark S Dawley, MBA, NBOME
John R. Gimpel, DO, NBOME
Michael L Smith, PhD, NBOME

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This two-hour workshop will examine curricular approaches and competence assessment in foundational biomedical sciences (FBS) in osteopathic UME. The target audience is osteopathic UME faculty, student affairs and academic affairs professionals, student advisors, deans and administrators, and others that interact in the osteopathic UME to GME transition. The workshop is designed to facilitate a meaningful discussion about strengthening FBS competencies for student learners and the impacts of various assessment models in predicting and improving performance. With a panel, comprised of experts in FBS education, assessment and student affairs, participants will explore the impacts of using various assessment approaches and data on learning outcomes and student wellness and resilience. During the workshop, participants will learn to describe curricular features in FBS, various assessments, performance data, and discuss the relationship between assessment performance, educational learning objectives and predictive validity evidence on high stakes licensing examinations. An interactive session, including audience response techniques, workshop attendees will discuss a platform that integrates FBS assessment and learning at spaced intervals and the impacts on student wellness and resilience by enhancing FBS assessments in osteopathic UME.