Assessment of Individuals or Programs Current/Best Practices Abstract UME - Preclinical

An Integrated Foundational Science Activity for Collaborative Learning

W41 - Collaboration In Learning and Assessment
Assessment of Individuals or Programs
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Undergraduate Medical Education - Pre-clinical Education Faculty
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Current/Best Practices Abstract
Millicent Channell, DO, RowanSOM
Jennifer A Fischer, PhD, RowanSOM
Susan Muller-Weeks, PhD, RowanSOM

Not presenting
Deborah Podolin, PhD, RowanSOM

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In this session, attendees will hear how faculty from multiple disciplines set out to create a formative assessment that would enable students to integrate basic science material in an engaging and collaborative atmosphere. Early first year basic science and clinical content was reviewed, and key diseases were identified that require knowledge and skills spanning 7 discipline areas. Short activities were then developed to be completed by teams of 6 students. They will need to apply basic science knowledge and data evaluation to a clinical challenge. The outcome is a multi-station formative assessment for collaborative learning by first year medical students.