Assessment of Individuals or Programs Current/Best Practices Abstract UME - Clinical

Examining the Efficacy of Mobile Device Use in Capturing and Reporting EPA Data

W36 - EPAs in the Curriculum
Assessment of Individuals or Programs
Intended Audience Track
Undergraduate Medical Education - Clinical Education Faculty
Presentation Type
Current/Best Practices Abstract
Machelle Linsenmeyer, EdD, WVSOM
Leslie Wimsatt, PhD, DMU-COM

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This presentation focuses on preliminary work undertaken to implement mobile device use to support EPA assessment data capture and reporting. EPAs offer medical educators a workplace-relevant approach to the assessment of physicians-in-training. However, research indicates that capturing real-time clinical observations, level of supervision, and feedback to inform trainee progression over time can be challenging. Results of a recent survey identify preceptor training and conducting EPA assessments in busy clinical settings as particularly daunting. Discussion will focus on lessons learned, including factors related to student and preceptor training that enhance mobile data capture and reporting effectiveness. Presenters will also share data on participant outcomes related to implementation of the mobile data capture and reporting process.