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R.A.I.S.E.: A Holistic Summer Program for HS Students for Evidence-based Osteopathic Understanding

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Course Development and Curricular Design
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Undergraduate Medical Education - Pre-clinical Education Faculty
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Current/Best Practices Abstract

Maria Rita Anache, OMS-III, RowanSOM
Mavis Britwum, OMS-III, RowanSOM
Rebekah Dietrich, OMS-III, RowanSOM
Venkat Venkataraman, PhD, RowanSOM

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RowanSOM recognizes the need for innovative strategies to recruit a well-qualified and diverse pool of applicants, who are educated in the holistic, Osteopathic approach to medicine. The RAISE (Recognizing Achievement and Inspiring Student Excellence) program was created to address this need. The RAISE program was an innovative approach to create a unique, interactive pipeline program that would increase evidence-based osteopathic understanding in the context of wellness and community health approaches. Based on data collected, the program saw significant increases in osteopathic understanding, personal enrichment, and interest to enter a DO program compared with preprogram results. The RAISE program proved to be not only an effective pipeline for our BS/DO program but was also successful in linking osteopathic medicine to wellness at the individual and community levels based on evidence collected by the students themselves.