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Asian Origin Complementary and Alternative Medicine Perceptions Among Medical Students

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Elise Hsu, OMS-II, TouroCOM-NY
Alexandra Over, OMS-II, TouroCOM-NY
Ana Christina Reyes, OMS-II, TouroCOM-NY

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Connie Chen, OMS-II, TouroCOM-NY
Justin Chin, OMS-IV, TouroCOM-NY
Tipsuda Jusanto-Bahri, MD, TouroCOM-NY
Christine M. Lomiguen, MD, LECOM

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Many of the most commonly used CAM practices in the United States, including acupuncture, Ayurveda, Reiki and yoga, originate from Asian countries and cultural beliefs. These Asian-origin CAM practices might be subject to unique physician biases due to a lack of knowledge about Asian traditions or misrepresentation of Asian traditions in American media. Results from this study could help to characterize biases regarding CAM and guide medical educators on how to prevent these gaps in cultural competency from interfering with patient care.