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Improved Assessment Of A Clinical Medicine Course Through Formation Of A Multidisciplinary Committee

W51 - Redesigning OME
Faculty Development
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Undergraduate Medical Education - Pre-clinical Education Faculty
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Current/Best Practices Abstract
Robert A Augustyniak, PhD, VCOM-CC
Lisa Carroll, MD, VCOM-CC
Amber Stroupe, DO, VCOM-CC

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Jillian Helena Bradley, PhD, VCOM-VC

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This session will focus on our improvement of the clinical medicine course assessments with the use of a multi-disciplinary committee. First, we will discuss the challenges we faced in the development of the multiple-choice examinations. We will describe the creation of our team and the process of quality improvement. The results of our pre- and post-analysis of assessment quality will be discussed. Lastly, in the spirit of collaboration, audience members will be asked to share their own challenges and experiences with regards to assessment creation and improvement.